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The Future of Lorenzo Insigne at Napoli

Lorenzo Insigne is a key figure for Napoli and has elife77  been for a number of years now. The Italian forward has been an ever present force in the side since joining from his hometown club, Napoli, in
1. Insigne has made a total of 286 appearances for Napoli so far and has scored 97 goals and supplied 58 assists in the process. He has become a crucial part of the team, shillongmorningteer2.com with his ability to create chances and score goals from long range often making the difference for the side. So, what does the future hold for Lorenzo Insigne at Napoli? It is likely that he will stay at the club for some time yet. Insigne’s contract runs until 2022 and the club have itapetinganamidia.com already expressed their desire to extend this deal further. The club also value Insigne’s influence on the pitch and off it. He is a fan favourite and has been a leader in the dressing room since joining. His presence is seen as integral to the team’s morale and he is likely to remain a key part of the side for the foreseeable future. In conclusion, it seems that Lorenzo Insigne is likely to remain an important part of Napoli’s squad for some time yet. His quality on the triunfostereo.com pitch, as well as his influence in the dressing room, mean that Napoli will be keen to keep hold of him for as long as possible.

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