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Experience the Thrill of XXXtreme-Lightning-Roulette at BC.GAME

If you enjoy playing Roulette and are fond of taking risks, BC.GAME’s XXXtreme-Lightning-Roulette could be the perfect choice for you. This thrilling game offers distinctive multipliers that have the potential to amplify your earnings by as much as 2000 times the initial bet. Its electrifying layout is guaranteed to keep you engrossed throughout the gameplay. This is one of the trendiest crypto casino games.

Gameplay and Rules

Standard Roulette and XXXtreme-Lightning-Roulette share the same rules and gameplay. The sole difference is that this game employs a roulette with only one zero. On the table, there are different betting options such as Sector, Neighbors, Straight Up bets, and Calls bets. However, Straight Up bets provide the opportunity to benefit from the game’s exhilarating multipliers. Playing XXXtreme-Lightning-Roulette is simple; you only need to use chips on the game interface to place your bet, with a minimum of $0.20. Once you have placed your bet, you can choose from any of the available wagers on the table. The dealer will then conclude all bets, and the Lightning Round will begin immediately. During this round, 1 to 5 lightning numbers with corresponding Lightning Multipliers ranging from 50 to 500 times will appear and be struck by lightning similarly to how it works in Lightning Roulette’s original version.

Experience the Thrill of XXXtreme-Lightning-Roulette

BC.GAME’s XXXtreme-Lightning-Roulette is a remarkable improvement over its original game title. Recent updates have significantly increased the number of multipliers, making the game even more thrilling. Evolution Gaming understands that certain players prefer a more volatile type of roulette game, and this is precisely what XXXtreme Lightning Roulette at BC.GAME offers. It caters to the subset of players who crave high-stakes and an exciting gambling experiences. This game takes entertainment and suspense to new heights, offering players more chances to win big.

Autoplay Mode

For your convenience, you may opt for the Autoplay function that enables you to play identical bets for a preferred number of game rounds. This characteristic permits you to unwind and relish the excitement of the game without the hassle of manually placing your bets repeatedly.


BC.GAME offers the XXXtreme-Lightning-Roulette game, which is included in Evolution Gaming’s collection of Live Dealer solutions. Evolution Gaming is a prominent provider of Live Dealer solutions for several renowned online casinos. The game adheres to standard rules, and payouts for most Inside and Outside bets are comparable to those in other live casino roulette games. In summary, this game provides an exciting opportunity to win big. It is distinctive multipliers and captivating design have contributed to its growing popularity among online casino players.

Whether you are an experienced Roulette player or a novice seeking a new game to explore, BC.GAME’s XXXtreme-Lightning-Roulette is worth considering. The GAME is worth checking out. With its upgraded features, exciting bonus rounds, and potentially huge payouts, this game offers a unique and thrilling gaming experience that is hard to find elsewhere. Plus, with Evolution Gaming’s reputation for producing high-quality live dealer games, you can be sure that you’re playing a top-notch game with a reliable and trustworthy provider. So why not give XXXtreme-Lightning-Roulette at BC.GAME a spin and see if you can strike it lucky with the lightning  Start gambling now!

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